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1. PCB(電路板)、晶圓、電子產品等專用之包裝相關機械:全自動電腦控制高速熱成型機、泡殼封口機、全自動真空(貼體/密著)包裝機及高純度製氮機。 
2. 雷射系統應用;標記、雕刻、鑽孔、切割。
3. MES 製造執行系統解決方案。
4. PLC SECS 通訊協議連接盒

Since year 2012, Wuchine Enterprise has founded mainly producing products  for plastic processing and packaging machineries. We have exported the above mentioned plastic processing and packaging machines. we expand our sales to all over the world through worldwide agents few years later, such as Hong Kong China,
Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan,
France, Germany, UK, Rusia and U.S.A., etc.
Our products include:
1. Vacuum packaging machine
2. MES solution
3. Laser system
4. SECS Box for PLC

Our Experience Shows!

感謝新老客戶認可我們的產品及服務, 你們支持是我們進步最大的動力.

Thanks to all our old and new customers that approve of our products and service and it is the greatest motive force that we progress with your continuously support.